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​Cognitive behaviour therapy

Do you need help to change the way
you think & feel for the better?

​Cognitive behaviour therapy is effective in treating anxiety and depression.Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Hypnotherapy – Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CBH) is a type of psychotherapy that gives you a glimpse of how you think about yourself, other people and the world around you. It’s about how your thoughts and feelings are affected by what you do.Most people think that the hypnotherapist will be swinging a pocket watch or making a person cluck like a chicken. At a hypnosis session this is not what a hypnotherapist does. None of these assumptions are true. CBH combines hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy based on modern neuroscience theories helps in treating anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy helps you to

– Making links between what you think, do and feel, these insights will help you resolve problem issues and take positive action.

– Cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy can help you make changes based on what your thoughts are (“Cognitive”) and the way you act (“Behaviour)” because of those unhealthy thoughts.

– You will make these changes that will help you feel better and regain self-control over your unwanted habits.

While it is helpful to resolve issues that influence and guide our lives, Cognitive Behavioural therapy focuses on ways to improve mental well-being for confidence.

I never thought I would need a therapist especially a CBT therapist. I felt low and lost myself. I could not focus on my job and was taking too many days off due to my mental state. I had to do something or else I would lose my job and then could not provide for my family. I am glad I took the leap and Andrea's CBT therapy helped me to create a new life for me. Thank you so much. PS - I was overeating too and now I am in control and feeling better than ever before
– Ferdy Ramos
I initially went to see Andrea as I wanted a kick start into losing some weight, after 3 visits I'm on top of my eating (which turns out was just a bad habit I'd got into) Andrea gives you certain techniques - CBT which work right away. eg I was a bored eater in the evenings watching TV, extremely busy all day & really not taking enough care of myself, Andrea talked honestly & frankly to me taking me right back to my childhood & we identified certain area's of my life which were causing me to act in this way - I'm a convert & would strongly advise an Andrea visit to anyone needing a bit of guidance...she's wonderful
– Karon Dalton
Andrea is very warm and welcoming. The environment was very calm, and quiet which made it easy to relax. I had 5- CBT sessions with Andrea to help with flying & travel. It helped a lot though I think I have a way to go before my flying fear is 100% 'cured'! ... but I now have effective tools to bring me back to a calm state when I start to feel anxious; which really helps. I recently flew (and even was delayed on the plane for an hour!) and it wasn't nearly as traumatic as past experiences. I'd recommend visiting Andrea.
– Sally Cook