Stress, Anxiety & Depression

adversely affects us all! 

Andrea Smith Systemic Coach,
Cognitive Behaviour Therapist,
Trainer with MSc in Psychology

Anxious, worried? Can’t relax?
Stressed out? Sleepless nights?
Whether you have study stress, 
workplace stress or are struggling with anxiety
Discover the ‘prevention is better than cure approach’
and stop the vicious cycle of stress

Breakthrough Stress Prevention Workshops

Imagine you are no longer struggling with anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, smoking habits or poor eating habits……
These habits have been linked to stress and in order to cope better.

School Work & Exam Stress

Break the cycle & improve your mood!

Stressed during exams because you feel ….

  • tired/anxious?
  • under pressure?
  • confused worried that you won’t do well?
  • have revision overload?

Download my Guide – 7 Tips to help students stress less during examinations

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Workplace Anxiety/ depression

Stress management in work settings!

Is uncontrolled stress affecting ….

  • performance at work?
  • problem sleeping?
  • stomach problems/ headaches?
  • using alcohol or drugs to cope?

Download my Guide – The Salience of STRESS-Resilience

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For Minds Sake Stress O Meter

An innovative STRESS-O-METER designed ​developed to successfully measure your stress levels. 

Proven to work at both personal and professional levels.

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