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​Have you been unwell due to stress at work and are reluctant to talk about in fearing you will lose your job?

That buzz at the back of your head signifies there is an approaching deadline and the uneasy feeling indicates that you have not been able to complete it.


Forming and Maintaining Relationships:

When you are suffering from stress, relationships are one of the things that are first to be affected. Maintaining these will get you support you need.


Maintain a Positive Attitude Instead of the Negative:

Optimism is one of the essential qualities of a resilient individual, it is critical that employees are encouraged to look at the bright side of things instead of the overwhelming problems they are facing.


Take Control to Empower Yourself:

A person who is stressed usually feels out of control, that they are the mercy of things beyond their power. Small actions you do will empower them to take charge.


Keep Working at It as Resilience Takes Time to Build:

the most critical strategy in building resilience is to keeping working on it and it may even take the worse problems if these are not learnt.

If you can find out why you or your employees might be stressed at work, what are the triggers and how to can cope with it… download this Free pdf Ebook.

You’ll find it an easy read and packed with ideas to deal with workplace stress. What is more, your first discovery call/session is free, and you can cancel at any time.

I run private workshops, talks and one-one sessions, and they all start with a meeting.
I address the particular needs of your business in a way that works best for your employees and this will make the business more productive.

I don't read from a scripts or buy other people workshops, I have developed everything I deliver with practical exercises, all peppered with humour.

Also real life scenarios to make it interesting and engaging so that you will not only learn but enjoy the sessions and take their learning into your work lives.

If you would like help, I am happy to book a free 25 minute phone call to talk you through some options….

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