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Tried all sorts of diets but still unable to lose weight?

Enjoy the food you love and keep the weight off with hypnotherapy.

If you have found that diets don’t work, that losing weight is a rollercoaster of negative emotions, and that your hard work hasn’t paid off, you’ll wish that you had discovered hypnosis for weight loss sooner! 

Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with hypnotherapy is a powerful formula for delivering excellent results. It will help you identify the real barriers to you losing weight and set out a clear pathway that will work for you, to lose those excess pounds and then keep them off. This is not a one size fits all solution. It’s about discovering the right solution for you.

I had been suffering for years with yoyo weight issues. I would go from one diet to another, lose the weight but put it back on again after a few months. I had no idea of how hypnotherapy would work for me but am so relieved I found Andrea. I am a more confident person, I have lost weight now and kept it of for 6 months. I am able to live my life to the fullest now and my outlook is so much more positive. My friends and family say that I am a completely different person. 

I don’t know how to thank you for helping me achieve positivity after a quite a few years of grief followed by serious health issues within my close family. I felt unhappy with myself and came to you for weight loss. I thought by being slimmer I would be happy. Well I am losing weight but not because of diet but because you helped overcome other issues I had not allowed myself to deal with. However, our sessions produced an amazing result which has allowed me to face the reality of my weight gain. 

Andrea not only cured my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) she helped me with my eating habits, especially my overeating issues. Hypnotherapy really helped me begin a path of self-love and self-acceptance. I was able to achieve my weight loss goals and stick to a healthy eating plan. I am doing things like getting into clothes that did not fit for a long long time, going to a Zumba class and go for adventurous walks with my friends. Andrea is such a light and I am blessed to know her.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss will help you to:

  • Identify those damaging eating patterns, so that you can lose pounds, yet still enjoy the food you love.
  • Be mindful of everything you put into your mouth (good or bad), so you can develop healthier eating habits.
  • Be in control of your cravings, so you can achieve the results that you have been always looking for.
  • Persist with the small changes you have made, so you can get to your weight loss goals, faster and easier.

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