About Andrea Smith MSc Psych

Highly respected Certified Coach, Author and Speaker with a seasoned pedigree, Andrea Smith has been

qualified and experienced in Mental Health Practitioner for fifteen years. With a 20 year background in

Psychological Wellbeing, she is trained to assess and coach people with most mental health challenges –

principally stress and anxiety disorders.

Andrea Smith has a wide range of qualifications from, a Masters in Psychology, Systemic Constellation

Coach, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Degree in Clinical Hypnosis, Master NLP Practitioner and Degree in

Science of Nursing.


Andrea is known for her professionalism, friendliness, effectiveness, approachability and provides a safe

environment in which change happens by going deeper into her client’s wellbeing – Making Life Better.

Andrea is on a mission to deliver to Stressed, Overwhelmed and Guilty women Extraordinary ‘How to’

strategies to dramatically transform the quality of their decision-making, productivity and relationships.


By building a community of empowered individuals, transforming Stressed, Overwhelmed and Guilty

people in Life and Business and leading them to extraordinary, success, happiness and freedom.