When it comes to weight loss and fitness, people differ genetically, physically and mentally. A certain method that works for one person may not work for others. This means that you may have to explore several different options before finding the best method for you, and this trial and error approach can be disheartening.

There’s plenty of different weight loss support available in West Surrey and other areas of the country, but perhaps the first place to go is your own personal support network: your family and friends.

Finding Weight Loss Support

A few kind words of encouragement from your support network, people to share those proud moments when you achieve milestones/goals, and a team that will help motivate you again when you’re finding it tough, can really make a difference. Positive feedback and affirmations will help move you upwards and forwards and reach for new goals in all aspects of your life.

With a strong supportive team behind you, it’s time to explore different ways to lose weight. Below are some of the local groups and therapists available in West Surrey:

  1. Slimming World,
  2. Weight Watchers,
  3. Get support – help from friends and family, encouragement, reminding not nagging,
  4. Support from a friend who wants to lose weight and you motivate each other to keep going with your goal to lose weight,
  5. NHS weight loss support,
  6. Goal setting and a physical activity plan: Local gyms can provide personal trainers to have one-to-one help or a schedule for different activities that you are interested in: Zumba, Yoga, Spin classes etc.
  7. Try a dietician or nutritionist for advice on a healthy diet plan and support.
  8. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy together with Clinical hypnosis can help you gain perspective and teach you to lose weight naturally.

Changing The Way You Think Around Food And Exercise

Many people feel very alone and unhappy about their efforts to lose weight. Perhaps your family are struggling with their own personal challenges and you don’t have the support at home. Or you may think your friends won’t understand how difficult it is to lose weight, or you don’t want to show them how vulnerable you’re feeling. While it’s definitely a big help to have someone to lean on for support many of the groups above can provide this, and so too can changing the way you think about food.

If the illustration below is something you recognise, you may find Cognitive Behaviour Therapy an effective way to change this mindset:

You wake up in the morning and feel it’s no point being on this yo-yo diet, I feel FAT (Thoughts) 

cognitive, negative thoughts, break bad habits, hypnosis, hypnotherapy help

Behaviour- Decide to eat last nights leftovers and some cake and forget the diet you are on.

Feelings– you feel tired and depressed and cannot be bothered with the difficult diet anymore.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy works on the premise that each client is an individual and this means that it provides a rationale for which technique works for your eating issues. Also, clients’ learned responses, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are the focus of the treatment process. This leads to the client learning how to deal with his/her issues and utilising behavioural or cognitive techniques to make changes necessary to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

CBT will give you an insight into your mindset about your food choices and lifestyle. You will be aware of what you eat, acknowledge your unhealthy eating habits and why do you sometimes emotionally overeat. This therapy will give you control of your cravings, teach you mindfulness techniques and behaviour techniques. This will, in turn, improve you improve your relationship with food and be in total control of your eating habits.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy includes the following techniques:

Mindfulness techniques will teach you to: Give your cravings a special name, and say ‘no’ to eating ‘bad foods’. Don’t cave into the temptation of eating that packet of crisps, keep an eye on your ultimate weight loss goal and imagine your future eating good foods and feel healthy.

Behaviour techniques: will help you change your habits and behaviours and not going near the ‘bad’ foods. Practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques and keep yourself distracted away from foods that are unhealthy.

  • Identify habit associated behaviour
  • Increase positive habit behaviours
  • Identify habit prone situation – write a list
  • Exercise regularly as when you eat healthy meals, you feel good too.
  • Seek opportunities to display improvement in situations (activities) that challenge you
  • Practice, practice & practice

CBT can be used in combination with other weight loss help, tackling what’s going on in your head as well as the changes you want to make to your physical appearance.

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