Systemic Coaching

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“Systemic Coaching priortises multiple relationship systems: private, personal, professional and organizational. Constellations illuminates the structure of these relationships by clarifying and resolving issues to maintain stability and development of leadership, teams and individuals.”

Systemic Constellation Coaching techniques are used for:

 For Teams and Groups-

  • Identifying – by bringing awareness and focus on challenges & issues
  • Building workable Interpersonal relationships – by integrating inner and outer resources
  • Bringing Alignment – of choices and clarity for efficiency and productivity
  • Maintaining organizational dynamics for business growth and success

For Leaders, Managers & CEOs

  • Balancing the dynamics in the system to create synergy for success
  • Bringing clarity in decision making for organizational direction
  • Aligning resources to minimize risk and maximise results
  • Adapting to change and adopting new organization structures

For Individuals

  • Career progression so that personal success can be achieved
  • Performance enhancement so that you can be the best you can be and maximise your potential
  • Achieving personal perspectives with ease
  • Behaviours that support positive mental health


How does it work?

Systemic Constellation Coaching relies on impartiality and resonance to understand relationships in organisations and of individuals.

Step 1: Phone and/or email Contact and Enquiry

Step2: Mapping as ‘chemistry checker’ for situation/challenge faced, to surface the deeper issue.

Step3: Information gathering in relation to blocks/limitations caused to hidden loyalties to people or events in the past.

Step 4: Feedback given through intuition and insightful observation of the process and facilitation of a Systemic Coaching intervention to illuminate hidden relationship architecture.

Step5: Facilitating resolutions to how success can be achieved for challenges, issues or problems.

Team/Group Dynamics in Organisations can be complicated due to mixed skill set and attitudes of the individuals in the organisation. To resolve this Systemic Coaching has proven to be effective.

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